Aims and Scope

At the International Journal of Education and eLearning Technology (iJEET), we aim to publish quality articles. The contribution of such innovative research to the domain of education and eLearning is indispensable. The Journal scope focuses on publications in:

  1. Education in general such as education/learning design, culture and historical theory, and education strategies
  2. Education development and its economic effects
  3. eLearning and human resources development (ex. Teachers Training & Attitude)
  4. eLearning and ICT such as distance education, ICT in pedagogy, emerging digital practice, and transformative pedagogy.
  5. Emerging Technology in education such as virtual reality, augmented reality, M-learning, IoT, artificial intelligence, digital games, and blockchain.
  6. Learning Management Systems, system analytics, and statistics.
  7. eLearning Quality standards
  8. Interactive Learning Environments.
  9. Social learning, online learning, project based learning, instructional design, e-portfolios, digital storytelling, design based research, and open education resources.
  10. Academic-Industry partnership research projects
  11. Work force development in higher education, vocational training, skill development, and entrepreneurship education.